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Those are a few words that describe our shared purpose as a community. We are here to practice creativity as the ultimate tool of liberation and the ultimate refuge in these troubled and troubling times. 

Other than that, I can only say that every time I try to define The Passion Path® my effort becomes a maddening descent into futility. It will not be defined. 

Perhaps that is its ultimate expression! 

It is pure, all-consuming, creative fire manifesting according to the requirements of your own CREATIVE VISION

Ultimately, The Passion Path® is a synergistic community of creators yearning to CREATE TOGETHER

It is a collective of dreamers who have each decided to become PASSION'S VESSEL and to give their creative yearnings a place to manifest internally and in an external physical form whatever that form be: 

Art, physical or digital products, stories, or agricultural production, just to name a few.

The Passion Path® holds one simple truth inviolable: 

Without you, your PASSION will not matter and the things you are uniquely meant to create will never be. 

You are essential.

Not just to your own CREATIVITY, but to this synergistic web of creators! 

TOGETHER we can do, be, and create more. 

As for me? 

In this space, I am the PASSION Evangelist!

Teacher, preacher, witch, warrior, midwife, seer? 


I will disrupt your status quo by asking you over and over again to BE and DO something new. 

I will be the unexpectedly devout, enthusiastic advocate for your PASSION and your CREATIVITY

I will hold in my mind an eternal vision of your FLOURISHING.  

Welcome to The Passion Path®! 

Here you will find resources, community, humanity, imperfection, creativity, stability, and chaos (in unequal measure of course). Most of all, you will encounter others like you who are simply mad for a dream they cannot abandon.

Final thought: When trauma dominates the body, brain, and mind, CREATIVITY doesn't MATTER

Here we will reverse that equation: When CREATIVITY is coursing through the body, brain, and mind, trauma doesn't MATTER

Whenever we engage in this reversal, trauma (personal and systemic) can't come through us, form around us, gain our focus, or hold any significance at all. 

This is not a transition that happens in a single moment. It is the difference between two experiences of the same world and we undertake it as a practice over and over and over again. 

Can't you see these two worlds flickering in and out of existence?


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